Current Issue (3/2021)


  • "Sudden Stops and Asset Purchase Programmes in the Euro Area"
    Josefina Fabiani, Michael Fidora, Ralph Setzer, Andreas Westphal and Nico Zorell
  • "Cryptocurrencies, Evolution of Means of Payments and Validity of Monetary Principles"
    Eduardo Beretta
  • "Macroeconomic Policy Making and Current Account Imbalances in the Euro Area"
    Taiki Murai and Gunther Schnabl
  • "Monetary policy and foreign denominated debt by non-bank borrowers"
    Joscha Beckmann, Robert Czudaj and Thomas Osowski
  • "Interest Rates and Macroeconomic Investment under Uncertainty"
    Ansgar Belke and Matthias Göcke
  • "Modern Financial Market Theory - A Critique Based on the Logic of Human Action "
    Thorsten Polleit

Forthcoming Issue (4/2021)


  • "The Impact of the Bank of Japan's Low-Interest Rate Policy on the Japanese Banking Sector"
    Juliane Gerstenberger and Gunter Schnabl
  • "Foreign Direct Investments in the German Stock Market from China and the Gulf States"
    Ann-Kristin Achleitner, Dmitry Bazhutov, André Betzer and Henry Keppler
  • "The Impact of Media Attention on the Illiquidity of Stocks: Evidence from the Global FinTech Sector"
    Eduard Gaar, Valentin Moritz and Dirk Schiereck
  • "Why are Interest Rates on Bank Deposits so low?"
    Ramona Busch and Christopher Memmel


  • "Retail Investor Behavior, Fintechs, and Sustainable Finance – Insights from the 6th European Retail Investment Conference (ER-IC)"
    Hans-Peter Burghof, Nazmie Sabani and Patrick Jaquart

Policy Issues

  • "At the End of the Waterfall ? Resolvability of Central Counterparties"
    Péter Gárdos