Forthcoming Issue (1/2021)


  • "Every Cloud has a Silver Lining: On the Relation between Bank-Affiliated Asset Manager Bias and Mutual Fund Fees"
    Enrico Miersch and Nils Schäfer
  • "Is Now the Time for Modern Monetary Theory or Permanent Monetary Finance?"
    Olaf Schlotmann
  • "Measuring the Short-Term Effects of the ECB's Unconventional Monetary Policy on Financial Markets: A Review"
    Lisa-Maria Kampl


  • "The EFA Annual Meeting 2020 in Helsinki, Finland Conference Digitalization and Textual Analyses of EFA Papers 2009 and 2010 "
    Wolfgang Breuer

Policy Issues

  • "The Japanese Banks in the Lasting Low-, Zero- and Negative-Interest Rate Environment"
    Taiki Murai and Gunther Schnabl