Current Issue (1/2019)



  • "49. Konstanzer Seminar zur Geldtheorie und Geldpolitik 2018"
    Kai Arvai and Matthias Gnewuch
  • "Weltoffenes Warschau? – Informationen zur EFA-Jahrestagung 2018 in Warschau, Polen, und Vergleich des Publikationserfolgs für die DGF-Tagungen 2003 und 2015"
    Wolfgang Breuer

Forthcoming Issue (2/2019)


  • "The Interest Rate Sensitivity of Investment"
    Guido Baldi and Alexander Lange
  • "The More the Merrier? Detecting Impacts of Bank Regulation after the Global Financial Crisis"
    Christian Kalhoefer and Guenter Lang
  • "The Link Between Incomplete Information on the Interbank Network and Counterparty Risk"
    Daniel Förster and Martin Walther
  • "Networks and News in Credit Risk Management"
    Ferdinand Graf and Martin Dittgen
  • "An Analysis of Non-Traditional Activities at German Saving Banks - Does the Type of Fee and Commission Income Matter?"
    Matthias Köhler