Forthcoming Issue (2/2020)


  • "Financial and Monetary Stability Aspects of Global stable-coins"
    Stefan Schäfer and Oliver Read
  • "The Potential for Sovereign Wealth Funds to Exert Influence Through Critical Banks in the Five Smallest EU Member States: An Analysis of Malta, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania"
    Jan Körnert and Thomas Junghanns
  • "The Low-Volatility Anomaly revisited"
    Patrizia Perras, Alexander Rehberger and Niklas Wagner
  • "Corporate Change After the Global Financial Crisis: A Case Study in Direct Banking"
    Ivo Arnold


  • "Retail Investor Behavior, Cryptocurrencies, and Financial Market Innovation ? Insights from the 5th European Retail Investment Conference (ERIC)"
    Hans-Peter Burghof, Achim Fecker, Patrick Jaquart, and Benedikt Notheisen
  • "Transformation Needed - Report on the 6th International Conference on Credit Risk Analysis and Management"
    Simone Westerfeld and Beatrix Wullschleger

Policy Issues

  • "Not the Time for Central Bank Digital Currency. Why Cash is still irreplaceable"
    Ansgar Belke and Edoardo Beretta